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We specialize in homes, cottages, apartments and listings for residential and commercial real estate agents. Our goal is to represent every room with accuracy; conveying the warmth and space of the home with accurate colour and light.

Why you should hire Moments in Time Photography for your Real Estate photos?

92% of home buyers use online resources to search for their new home during their buying process. 42% use the internet as the first step in their search, including 33% of first-time buyers. 31% of millennials, the largest generation of internet users, say that they will be in the process of buying a house within the next few years. Over the last four years alone, real estate-related searches have increased by a whopping 253% on Google. That statistic does not account for Bing or Yahoo.
why hiring a professional Real Estate Photographer could be crucial to the growth of your real estate business!
We, as a species, are more capable of processing visual information than text-based information, and some scientists believe that we are 60,000 times quicker at processing images than text. Visual forms of communication date back to our primal days and are often soothing and subconsciously preferred over the text-based conversation.

This natural preference for visual communication feeds directly into the fact that 89% of home buyers find photos to be very useful in their search, while 83% of people specifically state that they want to see photos of the houses that they are interested in and that the listing photos are very important to their decision making.

We’ve all heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but this statement ignores one major facet of our photo viewing experience: the emotions the photos inspire. Not only do photos explain circumstances and portray the mood of the subject, but they create emotional reactions within the viewer that are often inexplicable. As mentioned above, the image processing power of our brains leads us to quickly, and passionately, connect with photos and their subjects, whereas words will bore us and lose our attention.

The same can be said for the real estate photos. With real estate listings, “love at first sight” is a real phenomenon: 95% of online buyers spend their first 60 seconds on a listing website looking at the first photo of the gallery, proving that first impressions are of utmost importance in online real estate marketing. Those 60 seconds have a major impact on the buyer’s opinion of the home; do they feel a connection, or not? Can they imagine themselves growing old there, raising children, and creating a happy life and a sense of belonging? Or did they spend less than 60 seconds looking at a cell phone photo of a half bathroom and then decide to move on to the next listing?

If nothing else, remember this: Raw emotional connections are, and will always be, stronger motivators in the world of real estate than the property description.


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