Professional Headshots

Ready to update your personal brand? Time for that new look?

Head-Shot includes digital file for website use. Single pose 30 minute studio session.  Book now and update your social media or website profile photo. We also do, group shots, editorial, and event photography. Click here to book your head-shot or call us at 902.830.3232

Professional Head-Shots

Once you’ve graduated and are ready to get into the professional workforce, head-shots are going to be important for your social media profiles, resume and more. Actors and models aren’t the only ones who need head-shots for their industry. Call Joseph Chater to get a professional shot that you can use for self-promotion after graduation.

If you or someone you know is preparing to graduate, call Joseph Chater to reserve your dates and select your graduation packages. Your Halifax photographer is ready to capture your bright light passing a major achievement and heading towards bigger things! Call or fill out this form to get your Halifax photographer consultation!